Chairman’s Note - June 2019

PSSA has introduced new honour levels, the DPSSA which is awarded to any PSSA member that attains a                                                     4 diamond rating  in any one category (colour open, monochrome or nature) and the DPSSA (vers) for                                                          4 diamond ratings in all three categories.The 4 diamond rating requires 125 acceptances and                                                                           Carin Jacobus and myself have been notified that we have received this honour. Diamond ratings are explained                                                                    on the PSSA website under the salon tab.

Congratulations also to the following members who received local acceptances so far this year.

Adri 7 Johan Botha 3 + 1 COM

Charles     9 Margaret 2

Carin 22 + 4 COM’s + 1 2nd place medal      Riaan 46 + 5 COM’s

Gerhard 32+ 4 COM Robin 19

Kobus 11 Jacobus 11 +_1 COM

Handre 3 + 1 COM Alicia 1

Remember to enter the following salons Worcester 5/7/2019 and Pretoria 20/7/2019. 

The arangements for the PSSA congress are well on the way and a number of photographers have registered.                                           I would like to ask for as many members as possible to plan to attend. Some good speakers have been arranged                                      and there will also be a number of workshops so delegates will be able to take some top photos there.                                        Registration forms and information are available on the PSSA website We will also require sponsers to help cover                                      the cost so if anybody knows of possible sponsers please let me know.

Membership fees are due so please deposit your fees into the bank account with your name as reference.                                               Send your proof of payment to Tom. Remember the fees have been increased by R50.00.



2019 PSSA National Congress - Sabie
22-27 September 2019

Surely our Club members must be looking forward to this years National Congress as we will play a big part in it!

Click on the link to open and get to the REGISTRATION FORM!

Handre Homann/4 Star
Baby Worker- 14/COM
Best in Colour Open - May 2019

Please take note: 
As from September 2017 we do not have an official Lens Stop anymore. 
We incorporated everything into the website and  want our members to spend time on the web as we have lots to tell for you to enjoy!!
For any interesting tips or ideas please contact the webmaster. 
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